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Protect your business from theft and secure your retail store merchandise by hiring a dependable static security guard through the trusted security agency in Auckland, Safeco Security.

Shoplifting has been, and is still a major problem in retail store operations. It goes by other terms such as theft, pilferage and shrinkage. These stand for in-store losses in varying degrees due to intruders or employees.

The 2018 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) says it all, incidents of shoplifting accounts for 36% of the inventory shrinkage of retail goods. 

This will undoubtedly chip away at your store’s profits in the long term, this is an issue that requires your immediate attention. Leaving it to chance will only make it worse, as shoplifters will just get bolder and greedier in their attempts at theft.

Your business need not suffer from such unnecessary losses, there’s only one main adjustment you need which is to have a retail security expert visible in the store premises.

Here’s some security measures you can undertake to further protect your retail store:

Evaluate your security status.

Do you know where you stand in terms of how secure and theft-proof your retail store is?

You can ask your security provider for a security risk assessment, this is to help evaluate the weaknesses in your current system and suggest potential upgrades to better protect your business. 

Have security available during vulnerable working hours.

Having  your static security guard present during opening and closing hours makes a huge difference when it comes to employee and profit safety.

A guard on duty can do spot checks and lookout for anything suspicious in the vicinity. Also by being present, the static guard can keep employees safe during a cash-in-transit or cash delivery transactions at these hours.

When you need personnel on the premises, we’re the security team to see in Auckland. 

Safeco has the security service to suit your needs.


Invest in a good quality surveillance system.

A quality surveillance system will benefit your store, if there’s a security expert to check and monitor the recordings or CCTV feed.

Having cameras in all corners of the store is a big deterrence already against theft. But having a static guard viewing the daily footage will also give you data on in-store traffic and customer behaviour.

Provide trainings for employees

In case of an emergency or a threat, your store staff are better prepared for such scenarios.

You can provide basic training for your staff to be on guard against suspicious behaviour especially during peak shopping hours. They can notify the static guard on duty on any possible threats or problems while remaining polite to customers.

Install a bell/buzzer on your entrance door.

This is a simple enough device that even old antique stores have them.

A bell or buzzer at your story entryway is an effective tool to signal when customers enter and leave the store area. Shoplifters think twice before they act knowing staff has been alerted of their presence inside the store.

Keep the shelves low.

No hiding behind the shelves is key here.

You know what people are doing, and there are no blind spots. Low shelving helps present your goods in a strategically advantageous height, making it easier for shoppers to locate items and for store staff to see faces. Low shelving maintains visibility throughout the store, making it harder for shoplifters to hide items, and for static guards to keep an easy eye on them.

Of course, as a business owner, you simply trust your employees to do their jobs, but with so much to do in the store, such as engaging with customers or restocking the inventory, you can’t always expect them to safeguard your business from shoplifters. Ideally, you need a security expert focused solely on that task alone.


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